How I Rid Myself of Dandruff in Under A Week

Using Caffeine Shampoo

For the last two years I have been using caffeine shampoo as a precautionary measure to prevent hair loss. Although, my hair loss problems are fairly insignificant, I have been increasingly noticing certain areas are inevitably thinning as I grow older.

Like many when I first saw the advert on TV for caffeine shampoo I was highly sceptical. To this day I remain fairly unconvinced by the bold statement of the caffeine shampoo company, which states their product prevents hair loss and can stimulate hair growth.

This however doesn’t prevent me from stocking up on the stuff each month. Perhaps hopefully, I continue to feel “behind the scenes” it may be helping somewhat. Truthfully though, I can’t help but feel it is more of a snake oil product!

It was from using this product however, that I found an excellent way to prevent my hair from falling out due to dandruff.

When using the caffeine shampoo on a regular basis, my dandruff was increasingly becoming more ridiculous. After a few months it got to the point where the big flakes on dead skin on my scalp appeared to be suffocating my hair follicles and in turn causing my hair to fall out.

I am not necessarily blaming the shampoo for this increase in dandruff, however it did appear to be the main cause. Even switching to anti dandruff Head and Shoulders didn’t seem to help, no matter what shampoo I used, it only appeared to exacerbate the problem.

Online Solutions

Having had a look around online, I decided to test a few ideas that were suggested. The first was a change of diet and an increase in certain vitamins.

There are plenty of lists online of what foods can help with dandruff and plenty of natural remedies also. The change of diet however didn’t seem to be a quick enough solution to fix my problem.

Whether I washed my hair or not, my dandruff/dry scalp was always present and affecting my hair loss dramatically.

I was prepared to try a number of options in order to sort out my scalp, however luckily for me I found a perfect solution almost immediately.

While out shopping for all of the vitamins, foods and suggested natural remedies, I also grabbed a few other bits and pieces that needed stocking up on, including a bottle of mouthwash.

Once home, I rechecked the internet ready to give some of the items I had bought a test and came across a very interesting blog post on how Listerine mouthwash can help with dandruff problems.

The post suggested that Listerine original (the gold coloured one) was the best to use due to it having less chemicals but also suggested most types of Listerine should work.

This idea appears to have originated from a beauty blogger named Farah Dhukai.

🌨GET RID OF DANDRUFF FAST!❄️ All you need is ORIGINAL Listerine! Yes the mouthwash 💦 ❣In a spray bottle, fill it half with Listerine and half with water. Shake it up! ❣AFTER you shampoo and condition your hair, spray the mixture onto your SCALP only! ❣let it sit on ur scalp for a few mins ❣wash out with water (do not shampoo) Your scalp will feel tingly, cool and refreshed and it will be dandruff free!! #sofreshandsoclean #fresherthanyou 💡listerine has menthol, thymol, eucalyptol and methyl salicylate – all which make it an anti-fungal, anti-septic and and anti-inflammitory and PERFECT for getting rid of dandruff.💡 #diy #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #brian_champagne #makegirlzvid #laurag_143 #hairmakeupdiary #makegirlz #liveglam #makeupvideos #makeupclips #makeupcoach #hairmakeupdiary #diytop

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Using Listerine Mouthwash to Prevent Dandruff

After a couple of days using Cool Mint Listerine to treat my scalp I soon made the move to using Listerine Original, since it was what every article seemed to suggest.

After every hair wash I used a Listerine soaked cotton wool makeup pad and rubbed it over the areas of my scalp most affected by the dandruff. For areas where my hair was thicker I used a spray bottle to apply the Listerine (half Listerine / half water solution as suggested by Farah) making sure the solution was sprayed directly onto the scalp.

The Results

Listerine Original to Prevent DandruffWithin a couple of days the results from using Original Listerine left me astonished!

After just two days of using it directly after each hair wash, the usual bed of dead skin and crust that always formed just above my frontal hairline disappeared entirely.

For the next week or so there where still small elements of dandruff throughout my hair, but the Listerine had essentially stopped the dry flaky scalp which caused the dandruff.

From using the Listerine for the last month, I can now use whatever shampoo I desire and no matter what, my head remains free of flakes and the awful crust that formed on my scalp.

Even when using the caffeine shampoo that appeared to be the main cause of the dry scalp, there is no sign of any issues and my hair does appear much healthier and thicker when using caffeine shampoo with Listerine after washing.

If you happen to suffer from the same issues I would certainly urge you to try using Listerine Original before you try anything else. All of the items you need cost under £3 and you will probably be amazed by the results, much like I was.